Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some Thoughts about some music

Beat Strings - Fang in Rain
Just found the lyric book to this and gave it a few listens. Some of the better abstract poetic lyrics I've ever read. Still ranking this among my favorite albums of all time.

Bouncing Souls - S/T
First song I ever sang in a practice was "Say Anything". The short tour we did with them is a highlight of my life. The diversity of songs on this album is great and I wish more punk bands around today could have that fun and adventurous spirit.

Lewd Acts - Black Eye Blues
Really getting into this. Tyler's vocals are intense and remind me of the guy from Leatherface on Steroids. I wish the track "Who Knew The West Coast Could Be So Cold" would have been a little more fully realized and not just an idea/transition type track. Anyways, this album is a ripper and has a true punk spirit to it. If I'm not mistaken Tyler Mate from Spanish Bombs throws down some vocals on this.

Touche Amore is on tour!!! Go see them!!!


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