Saturday, April 04, 2009

A View from The Cabin

My friend T.Q. is full of suprises. His most recent was his purchase of a 60- 80 year old all-wood sailboat for 200 dollars. Let's just say it's a fixer-upper. Anyways, we took it out today and started learning. We got the sail up and we're cruising along pretty good for a while and we made it back safe and i think that's pretty good. We stayed in the bay of the marina...not quite ready for the open sea. No motor yet, so paddling in and out of the marina where we were too close to other boats to have the sail up and man, my arms are burning right now. Lots of people on giant expensive boats we're looking at us like we were crazy. Some even took pictures. They probably think we are rad and wish they could be like us.


Blogger Katie Maus said...

Is this from the boat?
It looks like a Tacita Dean piece.

12:10 PM  
Blogger michael martin-del-campo said...

very interesting

2:03 PM  

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