Thursday, October 30, 2008

Swallowing Culture

Being a longtime reader of THRASHER magazine...I was more than excited to see my friends TRASH TALK featured in the mag. If you are a person with too much energy, pent up aggression or perhaps you just harbor a general hatred for the just might love their new S/T album and chances are they will be your town soon.

I have become a regular reader of Kris Missions blog WORLD MOVES FAST. Here you will find the latest news including what he had for breakfast, new sneakers for sneakerheads and tons more awesomely irrelevant news.

I have found an amazing bookstore in Los Feliz not far from my house called SKYLIGHT BOOKS. they also have a blog you can read. If you live in this area, stop by as their anniversary party is this weekend and they will be having free treats and good deals on books. They have a storefront specifically for graphic novels and picture books where I picked up Tim Lane's graphic novel ABANDONED CARS. I also finally got a copy of Ferlengetti's poetry collection, A CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND.

Do you enjoy the sound of the Hammond B3 organ and need some new tunes to relax to? Then look no further than JIMMY SMITH's classic BACK AT THE CHICKEN SHACK. I've been working like a madman and also trying to get myself into shape and this record helps me wind down every night for the last week or so. Goes great with a glass of cheap red wine.

Check out DEATH/TRAITORS new fall line at These clothes will get you laid and make your parents mad. Two rights don't make a wrong.

Famous Lithuanian motherfucker MAXIM RYAZANSKY has a new photo feature up and you'd be a fool not to dig this talented young man's brutally real photographs.

SPIDERGHOST PRESSGANG up in Norcal is always releasing good vinyl and zines for us outsiders.

Fans of American Hardcore Punk Music might want to purchase a copy of a this new book...RADIO SILENCE: A Visual History of American Hardcore Music. They made it possible for me to see the quasi CRO MAGS live in L.A. Thanks guys.

DILLINGER FOUR - CIVIL WAR came out last week. The long wait was worth it. These guys may like to clown around and drink a lot, but they write some of the best lyrics I have ever read in my life. So many people sleep on this band. The LP comes with a card for a free digital download.

Also out now on vinyl....FUCKED UP - THE CHEMISTRY OF COMMON LIFE. This one also comes with a free download card. THis is a serious package 2 x 180 gram Gatefold LP with a spine so fat, you can read the name of the record from halfway across the room.

I finally picked up a copy of the first FUN BOY THREE record (S/T) and all I can say is wow. The creativity and catchiness of this record is unreal. How did this one get lost in time? I never hear anyone talk about this band. Anyone else into it? is where you can keep up with my favorite British Funnyman, Ricky Gervais. His new movie GHOST TOWN is in theater's now and getting rave reviews everywhere. KARL PILKINGTON HAS A HEAD LIKE A FUCKING ORANGE.

Damian of THE EXPLOSION and PANIC is doing a radio show and the kid has got real good taste so you should check it out. it's called PEER PRESSURE...

My favorite comic book BLUE MONDAY shall resume after years of waiting this NOVEMBER 19th with a new series entitled "THIEVES LIKE US". I plan picking this up, stopping at 7-11 for a giant slurpee and then finding a tree to read it under about 10 times over and then getting really pissed that I have to wait so long for the next issue. I also got word straight from the artist herself, CHYNNA CLUGSTON, that her assumed ill-fated comic STRANGETOWN that mysteriously disappeared after just one issue will see the light of day in the form of a Graphic Novel.

That's all I got for now, folks.


Don't forget to go cast a vote for John "Blinky" "ShortArms" McCain. We Can't afford another four years of a president with regular length arms and normal blinking intervals.
My name is Jeffrey Eaton, and I approve this message.


Blogger michael. said...

Rickey Gervais is hilarious! Animals is probably my favourite thing he's done I think.

I went to go watch him perform Politics, and it was intensely surreal.

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