Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Ruts!

These two singles by this fantastic UK band were released in 1980 and stand toe to toe musically and lyrically with their contemporaries and two of my favorites: The Clash and The Jam. Both of the A sides "West One (Shine On Me)" and "Staring at the Rudeboys" are dark melodic punk songs with a hard edged pop feel. While the B-sides show the bands reggae/dub influences. "Love in Vain" is a more straightforward dub reggae song with melodic vocals throughout. "The Crack" is absolutely fucking crazy...opening with indecipherable chanty vocals, then the dubby reggae fades in...then back out to more crazy vocals..and time going into a fast paced ragtime piano jam...then more chanting and even some animal screams. The Ruts have quickly become one of my favorite bands. I am looking for "The Crack" LP as well as any of the singles so if you are interested in selling or trading any of their records hit me up.


Anonymous al said...

have you listened to the Gallows cover of staring at the rudeboys?

8:38 AM  

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