Thursday, August 23, 2007

February Tour W/ The Geeks and Ambitions

Some short wrap-ups of our shows with The Geeks (Seoul, South Korea) and Ambitions (Connecticut)

2/17/07 Kansas City @ The AnchorThis place is rad. A little space in an industrial district. Ran by punks. Skateboard ramps. I'm guessing about 100 kids. Good vibe. Geeks killed it with ultra energetic straight edge youth crew hardcore. Ambitions also got a really good reaction for being a new band that has never been to the midwest before. We played 3 new songs from our upcoming album. There was a semi trailer parked in an alleyway and spraypainted on it about 5 feet by 5 feet was "NUKE GAY WHALES FOR JESUS." That's some politics I can get behind. Afterwards we went to waffle house with everyone and I sold some veteran with shaky hands a twitchy eyes a Modern Life iS war CD. All 3 b ands stayed in a huge house in some ghetto neighborhood. In the morning on my walk to get a cup of coffee i got yelled at by a drunk lady sitting in a wheelchair sitting out in front of an abandoned christian scientist church but i didn't hear what she said cause I was rocking some Jackie Wilson in my headphones.

2/18/07 Saint Louis @ Lemp Arts CenterLemp Arts is a home away from home for us. They made us delicious pizza and salad to eat and we drank some Tallboys from the Convenience Store/Cop Shop down the street. The show was pretty packed and two good local bands played...Civic Progress (early 80's style catchy hardcore punk) and Humanoids (Pop punk like d4 and other good non-shitty pop punk bands). A good time was had by all.

2/19/07 Chicago @ Beat KitchenI love the beat kitchen cause it has good sound and they serve the touring bands good food. 153 paid at the door. Expired Youth from Chicago played one of their last shows or something. The Geeks are totally becoming our boys by this point. They are very sweet and positive and energetic. Not jaded whatsoever so i think it's a real breath of fresh air for everyone to see a band so completely fucking stoked just to be playing a show. We could all learn something from their attitude. Go get tattooed by Bill Smiles at Family Tattoo in chicago sometime...i'm going to real soon hopefully. After the show we stopped our shit off at our crashpad across from the fireside bowl and walked to the Green Eye to drink. A lot of friends came out and some girls tried to take Harm home. We got shredded and walked home and went to sleep. I woke up and felt like i hadn't had a drink of water in weeks.

2/20/07 Indianapolis @ Some Former ChurchA good show. Walked to the liquor store and almost died on the ice 100 times. Drank Screwdrivers to burn out my sore throat and it totally worked. Drove to Dayton, OH that night.

2/21/07 Dayton @ The WaterfrontThis is our second shitty show at this place...both times plagued with power/fuse/equipment problems. The kids were cool enough and definitely no disrespect to the promoter or anything l ike that. but I hate it soo much when equipment fails again and again and i just stand there looking like an asshole. When we did eventually get sounded like hot garbage. Every once in a while you have one of those nights where you just want the set to be done ASAP and this was one of those nights. Sorry Dayton. We will try a different venue.

2/22/07 Mt. Clemens @ Hayloft Liquor StandThis was a rager. Bane was headlining and it was good to see all those dudes and hang out a little bit. Sadly...our last night with Ambitions and The Geeks. We had a good set and i was really finding that soul during it. The Bane set was like a total fucking circus. They bring a vibe unlike any other band in the world. It really does transcend band/audience/scene etc. Quite something to watch. I guess i got used to it on that tour we did with them...but after not experiencing it for a while it was really something to see. After the show we went to the ridiculous resturant known as Buffallo Wild Wings with the Geeks and Bane and Shredded some Spicy Chicken Wings. Fucking sad to leave The Geeks. We're gonna go to South Korea. Drove a little ways after that and got a motel 6.

2/23/07 Beloit, WI @ Beloit University W/ Deadtown Revival, Nakatomi Plaza, Decibully, TullycraftThis show was real cool cause we got a huge dinner and got paid well AND the show was free and all ages. The line-up was very diverse and so was the audience. We definitely pissed off the sound guy by being "way...WAY too loud!!" I think most people were into our set and we had a blast playing. We're trying to get that liberal psuedo-hippie college girl market cornered and I think we converted at least a few with this show. A Blizzard raged outside throughout the night. We spent over an hour getting our van stuck in snowdrifts and digging it out again and again in attempt to load our gear out. We stayed in the lobby of a dorm building and I saw some weird girls and some people puking.


Blogger Monica said...

I saw MLIW at that Mt. Clemens show. It was awesome. We got about a dozen kids to come down from Traverse City (4 hours north) for that show and it was well worth it. And the Geeks were absolutely adorable. I was appalled to hear about their equipment and everything being stolen.

I also spoke to you, and told you to come play in TC. I'm reminding you! I've spoken to your booking agent about it, but I'm going to hound you guys. When you play here you'll thank me.

And no, I'm not a stalker. I am not quite sure how I came across your blog actually, although I just caught the news there was a family emergency and you've had to cut out some of your tour. Good luck, I hope everything is ok.

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