Friday, October 27, 2006

The first two days of tour.


We left home yesterday and played the American Legion Hall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota last night. Before we played, Harm, Chris and I walked over to the Bar across the street. Harm described it as a "twin peaks style bar" which I guess means that it’s rural and unassuming yet creepy. Halfway through our first beer this haggard 70 year old lady walks up to us and goes to Harm... "where you from? England?" And then launches into her life she drove a semi-truck for half of her life and then moved her whole family to South Dakota and bought a ranch and cows and she has 29 cats and 1 dog...and how "You can have a really good time at this bar. We party. We party hard." I bailed to go sell T-shirts and after I left she gave Harm her regular number and here "private line" and told him that they have big parties at the ranch and they do some wife-swapping so he should get ahold of her. Keep in mind...70 years old and Haggard...and 29 cats.
The show was great. We played on the floor to roughly 60-70 kids and got a warm reception especially considering the fact that it was our first time in Sioux Falls. After the show talking to the promoter Steven I found out that he runs INIT RECORDS who put out a number of records for Ten Grand from Iowa. He has a crazy record collection including some things that I am very jealous of...namely a bunch of Jawbreaker and Dillinger Four 7"s.
We stayed up late hanging out and drinking beers and shooting the shit with local kids and the guys from In The Face Of War from Indiana who also played last night. Topics of conversation included Superman VS. Batman, Will Smith’s career and other deeply important issues.
I had already had a great time in Sioux Falls...and then the coolest thing happened just when I thought all the fun had been was around Noon....everyone was getting up and around...showering...loading sleeping bags into the van...etc. I had just sold Steven a T-shirt and got into the van which was parked across the street from his house to put the ten bucks into the band fund when I look up and a Cop car is squealing around the corner and slamming on his brakes in front of the house. There is one kid from Indiana standing outside having a smoke and everyone else is inside. The cop jumps out of the squad car and pulls his gun and starts running towards the house pointing his gun at the kid screaming at him "PUT YOUR HANDS UP....GET ON YOUR KNEEES!!!" Obviously the kid is in total shock...puts his hands up and lays down on his stomach. By this time another motorcycle cop has pulled up, pulled his gun and is running through the yard. The first kid gets his hands cuffed behind his back. Another kid from Indiana comes out of the house....guns pointed...on the ground and he’s handcuffed too. I’m in the van thinking "holy shit...the Cops are raiding this house!" Cops keep pulling up...I think there was four cars and 6 cops or something like that...all pointing guns at everyone. I think 5 people ended up face down in handcuffs including 3 indiana guys, Chris from MLIW and Steven who lived there. The whole time everyone is asking what the hell is going on but the cops won’t explain. Steven keeps telling them that he lives there and that his Driver’s License is in his back pocket. They finally get it out and look at it and go "Yep, he lives here." And then they start uncuffing everyone and the situation finally chills out. As the cops are all leaving...this high school kid walks over and we realize whoever called in the "ROBBERY IN PROGRESS" named the cross streets but not the specific house. This kid’s grandparents were on vacation and he went over to there house and went inside (with the key they gave him) to use the computer. I kind of feel like I should go on some "fuck the pigs" rant....but no one got shot and I think it really made for an exciting morning. So thanks to Sioux Fall’s Finest for getting the wrong house, pointing guns, handcuffing innocent punx and then realizing your mistake and leaving without ever checking out the house that was supposedly being robbed. Hahahahaha.
I got lots of new music for tour...check it out...

Exploding Hearts - Shattered (demo, 7" and comp. Tracks + alternative versions and mixes)
The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls in America (fuck yeah! It sounded great on first listen)
Rollins Band - Do It
Rollins Band - Lifetime
X - Under The Big Black Sun
Mark Lanegan - I’ll Take Care of You
108 - Creation. Sustenance. Destruction

Check out this’s got Archived downloadable files of Henry Rollin’s Radio Show....


Last night in Fargo, ND at the VFW blew my mind again for the third time. The innocence and enthusiasm of the young kids that come to shows here is contagious. We played our new song "Useless Generation" and i think we played it well. Pictures and the flyer will be posted when i get a chance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, have you picked up that new My Chem record yet? If so, thoughts?

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Tolli said...

That Rollins link? Fuck yes.

Also a music rec. for tour! Willy Porter - High Wire Live.

Hope you're still touring after Christmas!

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know Will Smith will be playing Neville in I am Legend?

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

new hold steady is gold! They are playing iowa city Dec. 7th I think! Very excited!

1:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will always remember that morning at stevens house. it was a blast playing those few shows with you guys. hope to see you again soon.

-indiana boy #2

1:21 PM  
Anonymous richardlove said...

hey, thought you guys would like to know if you already didnt that henry rollins was/is on tom green live right sure theyll have it up streaming to watch by tomorrow. saw you guys in cincinnati tonight, stay safe on the rest of your tour.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous richardlove said...

qhey, thought you guys would like to know if you already didnt that henry rollins was/is on tom green live right sure theyll have it up streaming to watch by tomorrow. saw you guys in cincinnati tonight, stay safe on the rest of your tour.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, its

8:42 PM  
Anonymous johnthepunk said...

Harm, a 70 year old lady and 29 cats??? Now *THAT* sounds like a party!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous johnthepunk said...

Everyone dont forget to vote for Tyler

3:03 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

dude, that exploding hearts thing is awesome. have you heard that nice boys album yet? it's the remaining member of the hearts and it's pretty good. also, i finally got that westbound train record you were talking about and it's pretty great. definitely makes me feel 16 again.

- steve kane

2:42 AM  

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