Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A couple book reviews

I am going to get caught up on these! Here are a few to get us started.

Hollywood Babylon
by Kenneth Anger

Documents the Dawn of Hollywood. Hollywood Celebrities. Hollywood Scandals. Affairs. Addictions. Suicides. Blacklisting. Stars Shining Bright. Stars Crashing and Burning. Orgies. Cocaine. Charlie Chaplin. Buster Keaton. Frances Farmer. Many Many More. If you are into this sort of thing this is absolutely essential reading. I would recommend finding a used hardback rather than a little paperback reprint because there are some really nice photos.

Soft Maniacs
by Maggie Estep

One of those deals where a bunch of short stories are linked together by the interesting twists in the lives of the characters. Maggie excels in clever low-brow entertainment and is a fantastic storyteller. Dealing in such great american past times as joining the circus, having bizarre sexual fetishes and alcoholics anonymous. If you want a free copy of this go to Winchester Pavillon in Lubbock Texas and go backstage (the middle trailer home) and my copy is sitting on the couch. God damnit.

Tonights playlist:
nick cave - murder ballads
deals gone bad - the elephants/mad at the world


Anonymous Angie said...

Boo to books! Put that shit down and let's go have a drink.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in my peak of ska listening, i saw DGB so many times it's ridiculous. then when i moved to the city a few summers i go i saw them at fireside and they were still great. all the hits from the first record were played and their newer stuff sounded pretty solid too.

also, if you haven't heard them, definitely look out for records by the adjusters. they were a political ska/soul/reggae band from here in the late 90's and were one of the best ska bands in the city for that time period. i think you'd be into them.

- steve kane.

p.s. sorry i missed you while you were here a few weeks ago.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Witness said...

hey steve!
good to hear from you. I wanna see Deals Gone Bad. If you hear about them playing the city let me know and i will make a trip. I was always aware of the adjusters and always meant to get their albums...do you have any of their stuff or DGB you could burn for me? I actually only own that one 7" and i've owned it for years and years and still love it and never got around to tracking down their albums.
Westbound Train is a new hellcat band...and they are really amazing traditional stuff. If you are interested I could burn it for you in trade.
I might be coming up for the heist...still playing it by ear.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i can burn you that adjusters stuff and track down the first DGB record if you want. that adjusters 7" is great and i wish i still had my copy. i traded mine to donny for something ridiculous a number of years ago... probably a better than a thousand 7" or something stupid. anyway, i'm interested in checking out that westbound train band. i read a really good review of some new hellcat trad ska band that i want to check out too. i can't remember their name.

if you end up coming for the heist you should get there early cause we play at 12:30pm :D

if i don't see you this weekend i'll give you a call and we can discuss the exchange of cds.


12:59 AM  

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