Thursday, June 22, 2006

woke up in memphis

And tonight I found myself on bourbon street for the first time in my life. Back at a motel and its 5am. The french quarter has been added to my list of places I need to spend more time.

I've been sweating all day and tonight I saw some violence and some nudity. Can't complain.

Tomorrow we head off to houston.

So far so good. Dreaming of cali and cool ocean breeze.


Blogger Moon Chaplin said...

Let's go swimming when you get home! I miss you guys so much! I am trying to keep up with your blogs. Just read them all. Will you help me with the settings on this blog stuff?

11:36 AM  
Blogger Ellis said...

Great interview in punk planet. Can't wait to hear the new jams. I wanted to hit New Orleans the other night and catch you guys but I came down with a pretty bad cold. Someday soon. If you'd like some book recommendations I highly recommend anything by Flannery O'Connor, namely "Wise Blood" and "The Violent Bear It Away". She's killer. Thanks to you, I'm about a fourth of the way through with the Johnny Cash autobiography and it rules. Stay safe on that road!


10:23 AM  
Anonymous johnthepunk said...

Just ordered the Punk Planet issue. Curious to see if they printed the part you told me about.
Hey Josh, update yer blog fuckin' slacker.

8:58 PM  

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