Wednesday, June 21, 2006

waffle house is not a home

But we've been averaging twice a day for the last few days and it has been delicious. I'm all about grilled cheese on texas toast and 2 eggs over-medium and coke and coffee. Combining coke and coffee in one sitting is really great and I tend to do that a lot when I write lyrics.
We are on the road to new orleans and it is hot as hell. Our van has no AC so everyone has back sweat and swamp ass. Josh is wearing nothing but swim trunks and playing the ducky boys on the stereo and he's got a bag of ice sitting in his lap to keep his boys cool.
I got pretty wasted in memphis last night and among other stupid things, wrestled chris from outbreak in the filthy concrete parking lot outside the show. We had both wrestled in high school but he got his ass handed to him cause despite the fact that I wasn't walking or talking straight..iowa has a reputation for wrestling and so it was my duty.
Word is we are meeting up with terror tonight in new orleans for post show madness and I can't wait to see those guys again.
Keep sending me links or pictures of live shows!

+Black spring
+Mojo joe strummer special issue(thanks tre!!!)

Bad manners
Cock sparrer
Woody guthrie
Duane Eddy
U.S. Bombs
The bruisers
Blood for blood
death threat
hank williams sr.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Bobcats!!!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Angel XVX said...

Waffle House is my home every Saturday. =D

10:41 AM  

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