Saturday, June 17, 2006

Leaving Florida...

I'm not even sure where I left off. I've been coming down with a little bit of a cold so i've been hitting the vitamin C and drinking gigantic bottles of water and gatorade and then immediately filling them back up with piss. Shows have been great. Even in spots like va beach and NC where we don't do too well we had our loyal kids up front supporting us. Some kid was mocking us in VA beach and holding up his lighter so I ran into the crowd and slapped it out of his hand and screamed in his face. And I probably talked a little more shit than I should have in NC but I guess I am just tired of gossipy little retards in mesh shorts who are obsessed with "moshing". Jacksonville and orlando were good to us as usual and were both hot as a bitch. It felt good to sweat all things out of my body in the course of 35 minutes.
I've been getting to know the outbreak kids and having lots of fun raising hell with them. They all skateboard and they are all full of piss and vinegar which makes them a ok in my book. I'm enjoying their music more and more each night and starting to learn their songs. They have a full length coming out July 11th on Bridge Nine.
Last night our van and trailer went missing about 4 am. Some dudes were up late boozing and throwing vaccum cleaners at each other so they discovered it was gone and woke everybody up. We filed a police report thinking it had been stolen but when the cop ran the tags he informed us we had been towed. A fine way to blow 200 bones and lose a lot of sleep.
We are heading to Atlanta now for a show and afterparty both of which should be pretty wild.

Hollywood Babylon

Outbreak (live)
Fucked up
The marvelettes


Blogger Your Arsonist said...

Yeah Outbreak are really fun. I haven't had the chance to seem them live yet so i'm looking forward to the shows!

3:38 PM  
Anonymous johnthepunk said...

Sorry about your van and feeling sick. Dont drink the wrong bottle.
Hope the rest of the tour goes good! We're looking fwd to seeing you guys when you get home.

11:12 PM  

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