Sunday, June 18, 2006


Atlanta kids came through as usual and the entire show was unreal. The opening local band called "Overdose" kicked fucking ass. Check out their record coming out on Kill The Peace Records as well as the DEPRESSION ep that is out now.

If anyone who reads this has live pictures from this tour please send them to me or give me links. Thanks!

Off to Birmingham!!!!!

skate or die.


Anonymous Josh said...

You guys were great in Atlanta in Wilimington. I wish I could go to some more spots.. but fuckin work wont allow that. Jeff I know I told you this after the Wilimington show, but seriously.. I respect you guys more than a lot of other bands today. You guys are seriously fucking great.. good luck with the rest of the tour!

-Josh McCauley

12:13 PM  
Anonymous tim said...




1:05 PM  
Anonymous Holocaust Holly said...

Here's links for some pictures from the Jacksonville show.
They're not all that great, really...

1:22 PM  
Blogger Pasquoozi said...

Philly Photos

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Meghan said...


tim posted the ones i took from long island.
theres more, but not uploaded online. if you want them, i can burn them to a cd and get them to you,

6:27 AM  
Anonymous tim said...

9:25 PM  

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