Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sjarm 13: Coming to America

Me and tyler drove up to chicago O'hare tonight and picked him up. The wheels are officially turning and tomorrow afternoon World War III begins.

Sick of It All - Just Look Around
Tragedy - S/T
Tears for Fears - "everybody wants to rule the world"
B-52's - "rock Lobster"
Cresa Watson
Robert Johnson
Massive Attack
Lee Scratch Perry
3 6 Mafia
Jack Kerouac Spoken Word
Sister Nancy
The English Beat
Tom Waits
Walter Jackson
The Blasters
The Silencers
Buju Banton



Coming Soon To the Manic Times:
-Book Reviews for Dharma Punk by Noah Levine, King Ink by Nick Cave and more!
-Daily/Weekly Updates on the new Modern Life Is War
-Much much more that even I don't know about yet.


Blogger Etienne said...

Everybody is loving the Three Six Mafia.

Tragedy is less than a month away for me. I can't fucking wait.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

Tom Waits went to my high school! beat that

1:57 AM  

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