Monday, May 15, 2006

5/11 5/12 5/13 Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a weekend that was so fulfulling and so much fun that it's pointless to try to convey it all with words...but here's the main points.

Spanish Bombs are a great band. They are tough and they are honest and that is about as tough as it gets these days. If you live out west look for them in a town near you in the coming days. Find a way to get the "brown bag" demo and listen to it and read the lyrics. We will be playing more shows with them in the near future.

The Marshalltown show was absolutely incredible and there was a really good and strange mix of people in attendance including goths, metalheads, middle schoolers, punks, core kids, ex-cons and everyday people. Bats and Bicycles set up a table selling original artwork and homemade handbags which i thought was cool. Also...more people showed up in marshalltown than in Chicago or Saint Louis and that is pretty impressive considering the population difference there. Something is happening in this town again. Let's make this precious.

At the after party our practice space was offically named "The Glory Hole" and much beer, whiskey, rum and vodka were consumed. We danced to Rolling Stones, Billy Idol, Screamin' Jay and others.

At the after after party things got way out of control and a local celebrity called Frog topped of our evening by doing a superman...from the living room...through a giant glass picture window....and headfirst onto the porch. Quite impressive.

Before the show at the Lemp Arts Center in St. Louis we went to a free outdoor show at Vintage Vinyl featuring THE BRONX. The press on this band is all "we are raw and crazy" but straight up...that band is more "The Strokes" than "Black Flag". I'm a sucker for the strokes too....but let's call a spade a spade here. There was like a 100 people there...all just standing around 10 feet from the stage. The singer holds the mic 2 inches from his face and barely opens his mouth when he screams and I'm guessing is one of those punk guys that takes vocal lessons. People can say my voice sucks but I'd rather gut it out and sound like shit than to do it that way and be a big sissypants. I've seen a lot about this DVD. ANyways...back to what i was saying. When the bronx got done I grabbed the mic off the stage and announced the show at the Lemp and I know that we got at least 2 kids to the lemp show who had never been there before. So that made it worth going. I also picked up some records at Vintage Vinyl....Adam and the Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox, Blasters - S/T, Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run, Billy Bragg - Help Save the Youth of America Live 12" EP. The show at the Lemp started late because of that other show...but it was the best experience i've ever had there and that bar had been set pretty high from previous shows. We brought down THE OLD SCRATCH REVIVAL SINGERS to play with us at one of our favorite spots where we usually play strictly hardcore shows because we love playing with them...but also to see what happens when you throw a strange all accoustic iowa band in front of a bunch of hardcore kids. I think the majority of the crowd loved it. Eric from Old Scratch was ready to break his guitar over some mouthy hardcore kid's head...but it turned out that it wasn't neccessary to do so. We will also be playing more shows with these guys and killing the monotony of hardcore boy's club shows all across the land. Our set at the lemp that night was just one of the most fun and inspiring things for me in a long time. Magic in that room. Big hugs to devastator, Mark, Step on It, and everyone who helps out or comes to shows at the Lemp. Our underground thing in the ghetto made the major label rock show in a posh shopping district look pale in comparison. The hard way is the only way.

Thanks Raining Bricks, SPanish Bombs, Old Scratch, Josh, Big Joe, Devil and everyone else who played a role in making this one of the greatest weekends of my life.

I will add pictures to this post if and when i get some.


Anonymous brandon said...

hey Jeff, i just found your blog tonight. i was at both the bronx show (i went for murder by death) and the lemp show, and the bronx were about as boring as their new album is. if you've heard it you know how uninspired and shitty it is. you guys ruled that night and continue to inspire me. at the lemp, you told that story about the frog dude jumping out the window and i was happy to see those pictures, haha. sorry, i know this is random and weird. keep being awesome, though. i'm anxious to hear new mliw stuff.


2:59 AM  

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