Friday, April 07, 2006

Some things I am excited about...

We just got moved into a new practice space...a little room in an abandoned building in the industrial area of town. We officially started writing new songs today. I can see the smoke from hell's exhaust pipe from just outside the space and i could smell the burning piggy flesh in the air tonight. Perfect environment to create some new music. Tonight I chilled there by myself and drank some Natty Ice and played some records...

Big Youth - Screaming Target
Lee Perry - Super Ape
Adam Ant - Friend or Foe
Dance Craze Soundtrack LP

Sjarm is coming to America soon! We miss our dirty little dutchie.

I am going to start a new band with my friend John the Punk and if all goes well our first show will be August 8th with The Ben Driscoll Band in Marshalltown.

Spanish Bombs are coming to the midwest! We are playing 3 shows with them and I can't wait..
5/11 Chicago @ Pulaski Park: The Killer, Modern Life Is War, Spanish Bombs, Raining Bricks
5/12 Marshalltown @ ????: Modern Life Is War, Old Scratch Revival Singers, Spanish Bombs, Raining Bricks
5/13 St. Louis @ Lemp Arts: Modern Life Is War, Old Scratch Revival Singers, Spanish Bombs, Raining Bricks, Step on It

Some good shows are coming to iowa early this summer....The Breifs, Sick of It All and U.S. Bombs....very excited for all 3 of those.

That's all I got for now...I will post some new live pictures that I've acquired soon. Springtime is here. Dust off your skateboards and your grills and lets get this shit going!


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