Saturday, March 11, 2006

Summer 2001 Roadtrip

I have fond memories of this trip so I thought i would do a post about it for Josh, John, Ben and anyone else who wants to check it out. Our plan was to ramble our way to the east coast hitting up skateparks and swimming pools along the way....

Leaving Iowa City in the S.S. Inferno (70's dodge van with the heater stuck on high). From left to right: Ben Driscoll, Me, John Eich, and Josh Otten.

One of our first stops was Dodge Skatepark in Columbus, Ohio. All cement...a nice snakerun leading to two different sized bowls. When we showed up the fence was chained up and locked and there were no we jumped it and thrashed for a few hours until the cops showed up and we had to talk our way out of getting hauled off to jail. So we walked down to the swimming pool...lots of little black kids running around and having a good time...we stuck out like sore thumbs and were obviously from out of town but everyone was really cool. After a while the skatepark opened up so we went back up to watch some of the locals rip up the park in a way we could only dream of.

Ben and John in the bowl at Dodge Skatepark.

Some columbus locals took us to a huge drainage Ditch called "The Bloodbowl" We had to walk behind a stripmall and through a little forest to get there. I wish i had a better picture to do the place justice..but i don't. I think the dude in this picture is Travis who played in that thrash band "killed in action"

We slept under the stars pretty much every night. We thought this tennis court looked fairly comfortable and safe.

Josh sleeping his way east.

Notice somebody sleeping on top of the van.

Acting like you are humping old lady statues is funny

Acting like you are giving head to an old man statue is disgusting and wrong.

We ventured into the madhouse that is Times Square, NYC to see Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros at the Virgin Mega Store. Their album 'Global A Go Go' had just came out. The intensity and passion of Joe had not subsided with old age. One of those people with such a heavy presence that you can feel it when you are in the same room. Incredible.

We also spotted Steve Buschemi going backstage to hang out with Joe. I wish i could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

We spent some time with my Aunt & Uncle and 2 little cousins in Point Pleasant, NJ. They loved the chicken we had strapped to the hood of the van.

JERSEY SHORE BABY!!! There was a period of about 2 years where you would never see josh without his little blue stocking cap on. Keep in mind it was 95 degrees out there.

We wanted to make it look like a chopped off head laying in the sand. I think we did alright.

Rockin my Aunt and Uncle's Swimming Pool. Nice form John!

Beautiful! This was our last major stop on the trip....the FDR skatepark in Philly...all cement park with lots of bumps and can skate around for hours keeping up good speed and never stopping...situated under a bridge...built by local skaters. This is one of the greatest places I ever skated for sure . The locals vibed us pretty bad and we had to roll out after a while.

I need another trip like this very soon. Get in touch if you are down.


Anonymous Josh said...

what idiot wears a stocking hat to the beach?

7:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

consider me down.

- s. kane

7:54 PM  

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