Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The sun is up...

...England is going to work...and I am still up at 9 a.m. Me and chris spent all night drinking and talking i can't see straight or think straight so i ca'tnt type anything. here are some pictures for your enjoyement.

(Symmetrical Sleeping backstage in Sheffield...from bottom going clockwise...ondra, tyler, me, chris)

(Stonehenge...the cheap seats.)

(swimming at the blue lagoon in iceland)

(at the airport leaving iceland...(olly, kolli, harm, tyler, me, chris and john)...we are a ragin' bunch of kids at 6:00 am)

*falling asleep to*
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska


Anonymous Caitlin Lipinski said...

This definitely made my day.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous felix havoc said...

tyler's expressions are epically raging in these pictures. he seems like a pretty crucial guy.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Peace said...

Just finished lissening your album Witness .Really good.There´s a real passion in what you guys do , it really has a soul.And when it was playing , i felt like i was in some familiar place iv been before.Felt comforting in a way.

And maybe theres a reason to it , you falling a sleep lissening to Nebraska.Same here=)

It shows how all people are connected.1+1=1.

Btw.Have you read Deepak Chopra etc?

You should check him out.Just finishing readin "How to Know God" its a great book.Really spiritual.

Here´s a quot that gives a good ground on what the books is about

"In his ambitious new book, How to Know God, the medical doctor-turned-spiritual-teacher attempts to explain how we experience the divine. His scholarly approach blends quantum physics and religious teachings to argue that in essence, we create God in our image."


About the Nebraska

Dont know if you just put it on because its boring and you pass out lissening to it;)

But to me Bruce is one of the greatest.Born to run and Darkeness in the edge of town are two of my favorite albums ewer.

ps.Sorry if my spelling is bad , im from Finland.

and keep putting out great records.Theres newer enough band´s that have this kinda passion.

3:26 PM  
Blogger Witness said...

Thanks for the thoughts peace. I love The Boss. When i used to go on vacation with my folks my dad would put him in and go "now this is good music." And i was like, whatever dad, you are such a nerd. Now I understand that he was right.
Hopefully we can make it to Finland sometime..we were talking about doing it on this tour but because of financial and schedule restraints we couldn't.
I will definitely search for that book. Thanks for the recommendation!!

12:58 PM  

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