Thursday, February 23, 2006

Godzilla Vs. Modern Life Is War

03.17.2006 Tokyo Hatsudai @ WALL w/ Strength Approach, Keep Your Hearts
03.18.2006 Ibaraki Mitsukaido @FAITH w/ Strength Approach, Fc Five
03.19.2006 Shizuoka @ SPIRAL MART> 03.22.2006 Nagoya @ CLUB QUATTRO w/ Cave In
03.23.2006 Osaka Shisaibashi @ CLUB QUATTRO w/ Cave In
03.24.2006 Fukuoka @ DECADENT DELXE
03.25.2006 Osaka Nanba @ ROCKETS w/ Strength Approach, Last One Standing, Fc Five, The Geeks
03.26.2006 Tokyo Shinjuku @ ACB w/ Fc Five, DSB, Endzweck


Blogger Thomas Lovely said...

it seems i will be missing your last show in japan by a couple of days.

2:16 PM  

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