Saturday, February 18, 2006

Florence, Italy

Last night we played a squat in Florence. The show was a rager. There were dogs and old men in the pit (seriously). At one point I gave this old guy the mic and he got up on stage and did some freestyle hip hop in italian while the band played some funky impromptu grooves...and later on the same old guy ends up at the bottom of a pile on and when everyone got up he lays there unconscious....everyone starts freaking out and a doctor in the crowd comes up and takes his pulse. As soon as this happens the guys throws up his arms and screams...everyone in the whole place got punked and everyone loved it. Such a fun night. We got smashed after the show in case you can't tell from the picture. We got up the next morning and walked around the are some pictures proving that we are dumb american tourists.

Look at this one closely.

After a month on the road...the lowest kind of humor prevails.


Waiting for some delicious italian food with our lovely host and tour-guide Daria.




We snuck up on these Japanese Girls who were sitting on a bench minding their own business. fitting.


Anonymous andiiiiiiii said...

haha!!! those ones of you jumping are so funny.

my mom is gunna die when she gets that postcard from you.

you're a nut!

ps: prepare yourself for world burns to death. they're the next band im getting you into.


9:30 PM  
Blogger Etienne said...

Hah, shit that sounds like rager of a night. Florence seems like a beautiful city as well. Neat to see snow in the last post and nice sunlight in this post. You can drive so little and see so many different things in Europe.

I second World Burns To Death.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous bontxa said...

great show.
that man, Rolando, is from Peru, and is not so old...

3:31 AM  
Blogger Witness said...

the blog-o-fun is back. it was all heavy for a minute cause the concentration camp was on top and everyone was scared to say anything.

I forgot to mention how warm and sunny was. We needed a day like that so seems like it had been cold dark and rainy for weeks.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Witness said...

Rolando Rules! I wasn't talking shit on him...he was great. How old is he? Maybe he's a manchild?

3:38 AM  
Anonymous bontxa said...

yeah, he rules.
he is often with his peruvian friend jose, and when they are together, it's a show not to be missed.
don't know his age, but sure he looks older than he is, because of his alcohol diet!!!!

4:35 AM  
Blogger GI Kate said...

haha i love how there was a doctor in the crowd. the pictures are awesome!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Daria said...

Yeah! I'm so fucking glad you guys played in Florence! Rolando rulez, but that was the first time he ever sang a rap song,...but we all know he's a natural born singer :)

P.S. Just in case you were wondering,...Sheep and I...we got married,... you just missed the party!!!! hahahah

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys...this is Pappy...y'all look like your having a blast in Europe. Stay safe. Miss you guys bigtime.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous amber said...

how much do i love jeff? almost as much as i love crazy big horse-statue balls!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Tre Till Death said...

Photos like this REALLY make me miss touring. Hope you dudes are having the best times.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

geez looks like you guys are having the time of your lives. I support that japanese photo. those girls are guuuUUd!

6:35 PM  
Anonymous just a kid from portugal said...

oh, fuck!why don't you play in portugal(or even in spain)?why why why?????
i'm deeply sad.a year ago i couldn't went to madrid, and now you go to japan! :O
what i'm gonna do to my life???

8:19 AM  
Blogger Etienne said...

There's a video of you guys and Rolando doing a Black Flag cover in Florence on Youtube. Haha, it's great.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Daria said...

Yeah! That video is mine...the thing is I put my videocamera somewhere too far from the stage, besides it was totally out of focus! Shit! Stay tuned for more videos to come...

8:59 AM  

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