Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dachau Concentration Camp 1933 - 1945


We woke up early today in Munich and went to Dachau. We toured one of the many bunkers and saw the small, dark and cold cells where the prisoners were well as the museum. The site itself didn't feel haunted or creepy...there was a fresh white blanket of snow and it just very calm and quiet. There were lots of visitors and everyone is in a humbled and reflective mood...i can't think of any other time in public that i've experienced that.

At the museum I read about how Coal shortage gave way to the mass graves, experiments to ascertain the conditions under which death occurs (shock, altitude, disease, hypothermia, etc), 2'6" cells specially designed to prevent the prisoner from sitting or laying, and some graphic accounts, pictures and footage of the conditions and torture at the camp.

There's not much I can say. Everyone should visit one of these camps if they have the chance. I know at one point it seemed like ancient history to me...and i'm sure younger kids feel that way...but it was not that long ago at all and there is nothing like seeing something with your own two eyes to make it real.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy valentines day from minneapolis. some silly girl is picking on me and making me write this. hope to catch you when you come back, whenever that is.


7:25 PM  
Blogger xroldx said...

Everyone should go and see one of the many concentration camps, I totally agree. Still I've lived near the only Dutch camp (Vught/S-Hertogenbosch) all my life and I didn't visit it till last year. It was really impressive though there wasn't that much to be seen anymore. What is really akward is the fact that the Dutch government actually used the original camp as a prison for years after the war. Till this day there is (a new) high security prison on a small part of the camp.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous amber said...

i'm really proud of you guys for going and seeing dachau, being jewish it's something i've always wanted to do...but i really don't know if i could handle it.
lots of love.

12:12 AM  

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