Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It's 4:30 am a few hours we will leave this cold little rock in the north atlantic and fly into Amsterdam. All the kids we've met here seem to be very genuine and smart and they have really made us feel welcome here. So thanks to Olly North, Thor, The Trashmaster General, everyone in Fighting Shit and I-adapt, Tussa Crew and everyone else we met and everyone who came to the show. There was about 180 kids at the show and the vibe in the room was very positive and energetic. We got a great reaction and it was one of those nights that blew my mind that we can play in some remote place like this and have kids singing along and moving. It's easy to let touring and playing in a band become another routine in life...and i'm always fighting that...iceland made me grateful...the way i should feel all the time.
Today we went to the Blue Lagoon...a natural hotspring...and went swimming. Imagine black lava rocks piled up all around you...and you are swimming around in a huge lagoon roughly the temperature of a hot tub that is heated only by the earth...your feet in the sand...steam rising all around you. It was dark and we had the place all to ourselves. This is starting to sound like a cheap supermarket romance get the idea. One of the most bizarre and best experiences of my life.

Pictures of the show and the lagoon will be posted as soon as i get my hands on them.


Anonymous frida, emo tussa said...

hahah. you know what. you guys should come here again in the summer time. when the sun comes up. you know, my room is still available, dude. vegetarian cooking is easy.
-emo tussa, representing young'n'fresh

1:13 AM  
Blogger Witness said...

Hey Frila (sp?)
We will come again when the sun never sets. You need to start stockpiling viking beer for us so we can get shitfaced and run around rejkavik all night waiting for the sun to set. Tell your friend she looks like the girl from the exorcist. She should do a backwards crabwalk down the stairs and vomit blood.

Thanks for stopping by!!

1:38 PM  

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