Monday, January 23, 2006

First Impressions of Iceland

Got into iceland at 6:00 am. My luggage is probably somewhere in America. Fuck. Local boys Olly North and Cactus picked us up at the Airport. At this point in the year the sun never comes up and it is only light outside for a couple of hours. In the summertime the sun never sets. The population is around 300,000....about half of that lives in Reykjavik and the other half in small coastal towns. Things are much more Americanized than i had expected. Tonight we're going downtown in Reykjavik to have a beer. Tomorrow morning we do a radio interview and tomorrow night is the show. More updates coming soon.


Blogger Tre Till Death said...

I will be in Iceland in like 8 hours. Of course, I only have an 8 hour layover. So that is no fun. See you guys this weekend.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Witness said...

Hey tre...remember when we suprised you at the airport and made you get us all drunk at 6 am before we got on the plane and then i laughed hysterically and tried to talk to a bunch of strangers who just wanted to read the paper and take a nap?? Dude, that was awesome.

Fuck me!! Your Edge??

1:43 PM  

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